Eco-conscious bookings

help us make travel responsible!

recognising the importance of sustainability in the hotel industry, bnetwork has diligently curated a list of over 50 recognised eco-labels that steer our partner hotels towards a greener future.

allotments contracted in hotels that have earned a certification account for 19% of the total available room inventory.

these labels are not just symbols; they are commitments to rigorous standards across various dimensions of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

- environmental policy: Our affiliated hotels adopt comprehensive environmental policies that outline clear goals and procedures to minimize ecological footprints. These policies encompass everything from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to implementing sustainable operational practices.
- environmental awareness: Education and awareness are crucial. Staff are trained, and guests are informed about the importance of sustainability. Associated hotels integrate green spaces, use non-toxic cleaning agents, and promote biodiversity. They promote local suppliers and select sustainable materials.
- water management: Water is a precious resource. Our partners implement efficient water use, reduce consumption, and treat wastewater, ensuring every drop counts towards sustainability without compromising guest experience.
- waste sorting and recycling: A robust waste management system is in place, emphasizing the reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials. This not only minimizes waste but also encourages the circular economy.
- energy management: Hotels employ energy-efficient practices and technologies, from LED lighting to smart climate control systems, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.
by choosing to work with bnetwork, event organizers send a strong message: they are committed to an event that cares for the planet as much as it does for its participants. Together, we are working towards a responsible transition within the hospitality industry.
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